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All is not lost after all



Brummett notes the upswing of Obama's situation, though swing states such as New Mexico and Colorado are much up in the air. Helpful factors: Palin fever is over; the "fundamentals" of the economy are not as sound as McCain says they are; and there's the matter of the Teleprompter.

But, alas, the Big Lie works for McCain, Frank Rich notes.

The twin-pronged strategy of truculence and propaganda that sold Bush and his war could yet work for McCain. Even now his campaign has kept the “filter” from learning the very basics about his fitness to serve as president — his finances and his health. The McCain multihousehold’s multimillion-dollar mother lode is buried in Cindy McCain’s still-unreleased complete tax returns. John McCain’s full medical records, our sole index to the odds of an imminent Palin presidency, also remain locked away. The McCain campaign instead invited 20 chosen reporters to speed-read through 1,173 pages of medical history for a mere three hours on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. No photocopying was permitted.

This is the same tactic of selective document release that the Bush White House used to bamboozle Congress and the press about Saddam’s nonexistent W.M.D. As truthiness repeats itself, so may history, and not as farce.

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