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Lucky Sperm Club mega-jackpot winner Jim Walton's $75,000 contribution to defeat a state lottery prompts John Brummett to list all the reasons he's for the lottery.

I fear most of the ill consequences Brummett considers and dismisses might come to pass (more types of gambling than anticipated; a diminishment of legislative effort on college spending; etc.). And it's small comfort to say we can elect new legislators if the existing ones prove poor stewards of a lottery and spending. You know how well that thinking has turned out so far.

Still. I long ago came to agree with Brummett that paternalism about how poor people spend their money isn't sufficient reason to oppose a lottery. If a one-dollar flyer can provide a week's worth of happy daydreaming for people who don't earn in three years what Jim Walton tossed into the Religious Right's anti-lottery pot, who am I to complain?

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