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When the lights went out



--Photo by iJournalist Pat Lynch

Ike drenched Chicago, but its movement miraculously didn't deter my flight home.

Checking mail, I discover two different tips -- thanks Pat and Tommy -- that the weather blew down the last of Jennings Osborne's big electric flag displays on Cantrell Road. By one account, the downfall disturbed some electric service in the area. The display urging blessings on George W. came down in May.

Oops, I just now see Phyllis Britton had already reported the Osborne news.

But I now have Lyncho's iPhone photo. Thanks, Pat. And, please, others don't hesitate to send photos, texts, video, etc. any time news breaks out to max@arktimes.com 

And, in a further update, a photo from inside the Osborne compound provided by Jennings Osborne.


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