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Just got back from the opening of the Obama campaign headquarters at 7th and Main in North Little Rock. Sorry, no camera with me. But here's the picture: The place was packed, lines formed to buy bumper stickers and placards and other stuff, the crowd a fairly equal mix of black, white, young and old. Sen.-elect Joyce Elliott was talking to the press and lots of over-60 progressive women -- fresh from an event commemorating the Women's Emergency Committee to reopen Little Rock's public schools -- were there. Plus, what looked like a couple of entrepreneurs selling Obama shirts of their own design on the street.

Missed David Pryor, who was supposed to have been there earlier. Heard some folks wondering when the state's Democratic Party was going to get in gear for Obama/Biden.

Tonight: Obama on Saturday Night Live Observant bloggers have pointed out that Obama cancelled, since joking around while Ike is taking out Texas and Louisiana wouldn't be appropriate. Tina Fey is still scheduled to be Palin -- I think!


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