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Gov. Beebe and AG McDaniel warn gas stations not to take advantage of supply disruptions caused by Ike by gouging us up here.

UPDATE: McDaniel is urging folks to take document any price jumps at the pump with photos and send them to his office at The office's text address: 501-539-0969. The digitally challenged can call 800-482-8982 with their information.


LITTLE ROCK – Governor Mike Beebe has declared a state of emergency in Arkansas because of gasoline-supply interruptions in relation to Hurricane Ike.

Some pipelines that route gasoline to fuel wholesalers and gas stations in Arkansas have been shut down until Ike is no longer a threat to the Gulf Coast.  As a result, some temporary increases in gas prices are expected during the next few days.  However, Attorney General McDaniel has vowed to go after anyone who tries to profit illicitly from the situation through price gouging.  Governor Beebe fully supports McDaniel’s efforts, and made this declaration to help the Attorney General’s Office pursue anyone who participates in gouging of any sort.

"We have dealt with emergencies before when severe weather has impacted fuel prices in Arkansas and throughout the region," Governor Beebe said. "This situation is unique with the interruption of pipeline service, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that any price gouging that results can be dealt with swiftly and strongly by the Attorney General."

            Governor Beebe's office and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management are continuing to monitor any direct impact that Hurricane Ike may have on Arkansas.  Winds and rain from the weakened storm are expected to arrive in the State over the weekend.




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