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The media massage UPDATE



It's an old Republican trick and it's working again. Shoot the messenger.

No interviews for Palin until reporters show due "deference."

Well, except for carefully orchestrated time with famous softball-tosser Charlie Gibson, who feels the economic pain of millionaires everywhere and is reluctant to ask impertinent questions.

And that guy Olbermann? He has to go or Repubs won't talk to NBC.

And guess what -- with the help of the media bashing, a lying Religious Right attack veep and a mastery of talking points -- it looks like the Repubs may be on the verge of giving us four more years of the same. Voters apparently believe McCain represents change. It would be unbelievable if we didn't have McGovern, Dukakis and Kerry as templates.\

UPDATE: Tim Griffin, blogging now, thinks the anti-press strategy pays dividends. His Rove discipleship shows. Another of his posts crawls Obama for not serving in the military. Fair enough. When will that question be put to Palin?

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