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John A. Arkansawyer did yeoman duty tonight by live blogging the League of Women Voters forum on Little Rock public education. A ton of worthy commentary. Baker Kurrus and John Walker and Sam Ledbetter and Linda Chesterfield and Will Bond all score points.

Race is the elephant in the room, except it didn't go unnoted. The LRSD spends too much on administration and not enough on classrooms. (It would be nice to see if that figure has gotten worse this year versus last year, when Roy Brooks did the budget. The suggestion seems to be that it has, but I've never seen actual numbers.) No amount of money can save a school district abandoned by motivated parents of achieving students of whatever color, at least no system yet devised. The successful charter schools were designed to attract these parents and students, with the implicit understanding that most problem kids would be left behind. There was lots more of substance and worthy debate.

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