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The Democrat-Gazette today wrote stories on coming school elections, since early voting begins next week. It mentions the race for Little Rock School Board between incumbent Katherine Mitchell and Dr. Lee Nayles, though Nayles has said he doesn't intend to serve if elected, making the race a walkover.

Or is it?

This is all far-fetched, but ... What if dissatisfaction with Mitchell's pivotal role on the racially divided School Board prompted a quiet protest vote for Nayles and he won? If he took the oath of office to succeed her and then resigned, an appointment would be left to the School Board. (If he didn't take the oath, she'd continue to hold the seat by default.) Were Mitchell and another well-qualified person to apply for the post, you could envision a three-three vote on the appointment. In that case, state law would give appointment power to the Quorum Court.

I wouldn't bring this up if the subject hadn't been whispered around. And if I didn't know there was a simply stunning candidate (African-American, yes) to apply for the slot if -- in a nearly impossible longshot -- such a scenario were to unfold.

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