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Send in the water boy



Andrew DeMillo's weekly political column is about how the Arkansas Republican Party (Dennis "What we need is another 9'11" Milligan, prop.) thinks a McCain victory in Arkansas would build momentum for Repubs in 2010 and perhaps build a "bench" of candidates. No offense, but that didn't work so hot in 2000 and 2004, apart from the Bro. Gov and WR, who I believe achieved their offices despite GWB.

But look out, here comes Sen. Gilbert Baker, eyeballing state office if he wins a re-election battle this year. By 2010, people might have forgotten the good-old-boy network at UCA of which Baker, his kid and his protege Deena Burnett, who apparently hopes to capitalize politically on her husband's 9/11 death and who put Baker on a charity payroll in the course of her machinations, were part and parcel.

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