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The dwindling number of fans of the little golf course in War Memorial Park best be prepared for some difficult conditions in the weeks ahead. The news release about football game parking -- with the mention of free tow service for anyone who gets stuck -- suggests a calamity is coming on the rain-soaked course.

Which is a good point to mention the almost-nothing War Memorial reuse plan the city finally floated this week. They've avoided the two biggest issues -- the future of the golf course and razing Ray Winder Field for future zoo or other productive use -- in the course of some tiny projects to make it look like da mayor has accomplished something. Meanwhile, he's angered a bunch of tennis players who'll lose courts they like and the archers and bow hunters who are losing a target range, all in the name of adding next to nothing in the way of useful new park territory.

LITTLE ROCK, AR (Sept. 5) -- The War Memorial golf course is expected to be soggy in places due to the recent heavy rain, but tailgating and parking isstill on for this Saturday?s Razorback football game at War MemorialStadium.

Golf course tailgaters are encouraged to arrive early and wear comfortableshoes.  There may be a few tree limbs down so they will need to be cautious.

When exiting the golf course, tailgaters will need to exit using the samestreet they used to enter the golf course.  They will not be able to exitusing University Avenue due to construction.

And just in case a tailgater gets stuck, there will be wreckers on hand and the service will be at no cost to the user.  Tailgaters should be careful and as always, respectful of the golf course.

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