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Will Palin survive?



She may be this year's Eagleton. Not because her daughter is pregnant  but because of Repblican-led focus groups like this one. Sentient beings have to conclude that she's an unqualified gimmick choice by a presidential candidate famous for snap -- and faulty -- judgments. His team's lack of vetting of the choice is illustration enough of his own insuitability for the presidency.

But about her daughter: Ruth Marcus notes the failure of abstinence-only sex education -- championed by Palin -- and wonders about a mother who'd commit herself to a national race knowing that glare it would bring sooner or later to her family's various trials.

And there's her membership in a secessionist political organization in Alasas. Her dishonesty about where she stands on pork barrel spending (against it unless it's for Alaska, including the bridge to nowhere). Her support for helicopter hunting. Etc.

Lieberman may get his day yet.

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