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Palin's Arkansas roots



A reader provides an interesting tidbit on an Arkansas connection in a church Sarah Palin has supported in Anchorage, a conservative congregation that has already been mentioned in her coverage and by blog readers. The church is led by preachers with past experience in Arkansas.

For the views of her equally conservative home church, Huffington Post has the details. For the high points about her message that war in Iraq was God's plan -- and a shoutout to a "Sasquatch for Jesus" in the audience -- go to MSNBC.

UPDATE: While on matters theological, I've added to the jump a question from another reader concerning conservative church views on the primacy of male leadership.


If Sarah and family are attending ChangePoint Church in Anchorage,  then she has more than a passing connection to evangelicalism in Arkansas.  The pastor mentioned on their webiste, Karl Clauson as well as another of their teaching/preaching pastors, Dan Jarrell, were on staff at Fellowship Bible Church in WLR. 

Dan Jarrell was a teaching pastor here and at Fellowship Bible Church in Conway, and Karl Clauson was a Single Adult pastor at FBCLR in the 90's.  Both have family roots in Alaska and left a couple of years apart to go and work together at the church now known as ChangePoint Church.  If you look at their website and that of FBCLR you'll see much similarity in philosophy, terminology and functions.  I don't mention this either as a negative or a positive.  But it might give folks here a little more idea about where she is coming from, philosophically.

[Editor's note: This article mentions Clauson's Arkansas experience on the occasion of the announcement in the spring that he was taking a leave from the church. Palin attends church in Wasilla, but newspaper reports show she backed a plan of state funding for a sports dome proposed by the church, a plan eventually dropped, and that she attended church there during campaign season. She said a staff member attended the church.]


Why has no media outlet posed this question to Christian conservatives, including Mike Huckabee, concerning Palin selection as VP?

Question: How can Christian conservatives cheer the selection of Palin as vice president when their pro-life and pro-family values  "biblical worldview" also strictly adheres to Apostle Paul's misogynistic teachings that a woman should never be in positions of leadership?

I don't know of any right-wing Christian church that doesn't espouse the Paul's view in 1 Timothy 2:11-14 that women should never be in authority over men. Google "Apostle Paul" and "women leaders" and you will probably find dozens of Christian Web sites that express this view.

This is the same doctrine that many conservative churches, both black and white, have taught their members in efforts to reject Hillary Clinton's candidacy -- so doesn't the same teaching apply to Palin.?

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