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DNC: Take a deep breath UPDATE



They've only just sung the National Anthem for tonight's episode of the Democratic National Convention and I'm already pulling my hair out. The cable guys -- Tom Brokaw was a rare breath of sane air -- just won't be happy without creating controversy where none exists. They'll do it even if phony body language experts, mind reading and unnamed sources are the only means to get the job done. With a Clinton around to kick, what else do you expect?

I think it might be better for my peace of mind to sit by Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park and marvel further at how the Rockefellers used their riches here to create a  50-mile carriage road network -- a tree-shaded walking and biking nirvana today -- from which vehicles that could burn the Rockefellers' motor fuel were and are banned.

Call this an open line if you'd like.

UPDATE: The roll call is underway. Arkansas, which gave Hillary Clinton her biggest margin in the primary, cast all 47 votes for Barack Obama in what Rebecca Gwatney, the late Democratic Party chair's widow, said was a display of unity for the party's nominee despite the state's long affection for the Clintons.

UPDATE II: A reader notes this blog post that says there was a clerical error re the Arkansas vote. I didn't hear this on TV coverage, but it says here that eight Arkansas votes went to Hillary Clinton, 37 to Obama and two didn't vote.

It's all academic. Hillary moved for the nomination by acclamation.

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