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Thar she blows



Meet Siphon, a humpback whale who lurks about 20 miles off Bar Harbor. The headline is perhaps a suitable pun for an open line on tonight's DNC action. Or not.

PS -- Based on comments to my thread this morning on DNC, I didn't make myself clear. I think Hillary is doing everything she can for Obama. The Hillary fixation is the work of the media, hoping to find wedges where none of significance exist in the Democratic convention delegates. Of course she should have a prime time speech, just as Mike Huckabee should have a prime time speech at the Republican National Convention. (And he didn't rack up nearly the delegates she did.) By the way, when is somebody going to devote acres of newsprint and hours of cable shouting to the feelings of the non-McCain delegates at the Republican Convention? If you read the religio-righty blogs you'll know that there's still some sentiment to cold shoulder McCain if he doesn't designate the proper flavor of religious nut for vice president, the proper choice depending on the nuttery preferred by the blogger in question.

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