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The War Memorial Stadium Commission has announced a press conference Friday about Razorback football.

My guess is that Stephens Media columnist Harry King has reported the news today: UA Athletic Director Jeff Long is NOT looking to desert Little Rock for UA games, at least not any time soon. The Hogs will commit to LR through 2016 (that means two more years on an existing contract). The additional games will provide money to expand the pressbox. Surely they can name the new press palace after Orville Henry.

CORRECTION: Jimmy Boy notes 1) that the existing press box is named for O.H. already and 2), more important, what's really happened here is that UA has extended its LR commitment for two years in return for losing an obligation to pay three games, rather than just two, at War Memorial twice during the next six years. As Harry King notes, the net gain is two games over the next eight years.)

LR people will be happy for the continued two-game presence. I'm happy for aesthetic reasons. The LR games are fun, boozy spectacles. I love to hear the roar and groans and music from War Memorial float over my neighborhood.

But candor compels me to add that I still believe the University -- or any university -- should play its home games on campus, where the scholar athletes attend class. 

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