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Spare the rod, save the child



I get worked up about corporal punishment in school because, well, read on. It teaches brutality as an approporiate response to misbehavior. That mindset inevitably produces horror stories similar to the following Little Rock police report.

On August 20, 2008 at 6:12 pm officer received a call to 10901 Rodney Parham Road to check the condition of a subject. When officer arrived they contacted two Harvest Foods employees who related that they observed a W/M child who had two black eyes. The child was with a B/M, B/F and a W/F, all adults. The employees asked what happened to the child and one of the subjects advised he fell. The subjects with the child walked toward 1601 N. Shackleford. Through investigation it was discovered that the child lived at 1601 N. Shackleford Apt 340. Officers went to the apartment and contacted Brittany Bradford W/F 9-11-1990 (Mother of the child) and asked to check on the child’s condition. The child was identified as Fredrick Bradford W/M 6-24-2006. Officers observed severe bruising around the child’s eyes and head. They also discovered bruising and loop marks covering his entire back and bruising on his arms and legs. Medical assistance was called and the child was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital were he is in serious condition with a possible fractured skull and severe internal injuries. Detectives interviewed Brittany Bradford and her boy friend, Brandon Bellows B/M 7-4-1986. Both advised detectives that they had spanked the child with a belt and with an extension cord. Bradford and Bellows were both charged with Domestic Battery 2nd and placed in the Pulaski County Jail.

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