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Russia-Georgia explained


Dr. Robert Johnston, a former state legisator and state Public Service Commission member, will lead a discussion on Russia and Georgia Monday evening at Lily's Dim Sum. Johnston worked as a consultant to the Georgia government for two years in the 1990s.

‘Russia and Georgia – Background and Foreground’: A discussion by Dr. Robert Johnston. .Dr. Johnston lived and worked in Georgia in ‘95-96 as a consultant to the Georgian government, courtesy of USAID. He worked with and socialized with a young parliamentarian Mikheil Saakashvili,  now President of Georgia. He visited Gori and the Russian/Georgian border just east of S. Ossetia.

 Johnston was last in Georgia in Oct ‘07. He has a friend in Georgia with close ties to the American Embassy, who has shared some insights by email.

  Johnston will attempt to tie Georgia/Russia to: Israel/ Palestine, US/Iraq/ Afganistan/Pakistan, Germany [both Nazi and modern] , Poland, Ukraine and Armenia,New Mexico and Montana, the Balkans, Jason and the Argonauts, Prometheus, 9-11 and Petrodollars, Korea, Cuba, Chechnya, tripwires, proxies,  and buffer states. There will be time for questions.

Monday 25 Aug 6.30 or 7 pm/ Lily’s Dim Sum Restaurant/ Rodney Parham.[private dining room]

6.30 to order food/ 7 pm discussion begins over dinner, appetizers, drinks, etc.

You must call or email Dim Sum to reserve if you wish to eat

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