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Brummett predicts the shape of the Democratic National Convention. The elephant in the room: Some wondering whether the best candidate is to be nominated.

EXAMPLE: Paul Krugman suggests that Obama isn't scoring the easy points with voters he should score against the Bush-loving McCain on economic issues because he won't play hardball politics.

I was astonished at the flatness of the big economy speech he gave in St. Petersburg at the beginning of this month — a speech that was billed as the start of a new campaign focus on economic issues. Mr. Obama is a great orator, yet he began that speech with a litany of statistics that were probably meaningless to most listeners.

Worse yet, he seemed to go out of his way to avoid scoring political points. “Back in the 1990s,” he declared, “your incomes grew by $6,000, and over the last several years, they’ve actually fallen by nearly $1,000.” Um, not quite: real median household income didn’t rise $6,000 during “the 1990s,” it did so during the Clinton years, after falling under the first Bush administration. Income hasn’t fallen $1,000 in “recent years,” it’s fallen under George Bush, with all of the decline taking place before 2005.

UPDATE: Latest rounds of polling aren't encouraging.

ALSO: Bonnie Erbe says "I told you so" re Obama's strength.

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