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The blog's readers: In review PS



John Brummett has a few words to say about the dialogue on this blog after last week's shooting of Bill Gwatney.

I'm wondering if humanity is in precipitous decline or if we've always hung by such a precarious thread.

Also today: A Doug Thompson tribute column to the late Democratic Party chair.

And also today: Andrew DeMillo analysis on how much Bill Gwatney had done for the Democratic Party. No doubt about that.

PS, A MEDIA MUSING: You know from this blog, TV reporting and, for those who see it, fine AP reporting a great deal about Gwatney killer Timothy Johnson's passion for guns and gun sports and his reported animus toward Democrats. Alone, they prove nothing about the motive for the crime. But they add interesting dimensions to the emerging portrait of the man. Have you noticed that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, while front-paging three days later the man's encounter in the Baptist Convention building, has been far less aggressive about detailing the suspect's life? The newspaper has chosen not to follow reports about his gun hobby, his classmate's remark on his political leanings and a neighbor's remark about noticing a shooting target in Johnson's yard the day before the slaying. I begin to wonder if these omissions were considered decisions, rather than oversights. Was this, again, Editor G. Smith jr. (CSA hon.) at work? Were Johnson's gun passion and politics (including his 2008 Republican presidential vote) decreed by him to be unmentionable, akin to mentioning seatbelt use in the context of fatal auto accidents? We'll wait and watch for more.

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