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GOP vote suppression UPDATE



The Morning News stumbled on a prety good story here, but failed to highlight the real news.

Up in Fayetteville, the idea of establishing an early voting station on the University of Arkansas campus failed because it required a unanimous vote of the county election commission. One member voted against the station. Who? Why none other than the Republican member of the commission, Renee Oelschlaeger.

A Republican oppose expansion of voting? A Republican oppose expansion of voting to a location where demographics suggest the Democratic presidential candidate will be popular?

Yes. And yes. Given full power, I'd love to see what they'd do in the Delta with the secret ballot. Secret polling places, maybe?

UPDATE: A piece of relevant history from one of the backers of the original legislation that allowed absentee voting away from courthouses for the first time. The Democratic Party pushed the legislation. Rep. Ann Bush of Blytheville, a Republican, told the sponsors that Gov. Mike Huckabee would veto the legislation if it didn't include a provision allowing a one-vote veto, such as that exercised by a Republican in Washington County this week. She feared polling places would be established to cater to Democratic constituencies.


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