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We thought the proposal for a Walgreens at 17th and Main Streets died in June. But it's back, we learn thanks to the Downtown Neighborhood Association. It got approval last night from the Capitol Zoning District Commission's design review committee, but with some recommended design changes that didn't appear to please the developer, according to a CZDC official. The Mansion Area Advisory Committee will consider the plan Aug. 26 and the full Commission Aug. 28.

Most of the world may wonder why we care. For what it's worth: it's one of those interesting neighborhood issues. The site is in a historic neighborhood peopled by many believers in preservation and community planning. They are pushing for strong design controls and a street-oriented design as friendly to pedestrians as cars. Some others say a Walgreens would be a welcome addition to a neighborhood that, despite lots of improvements, still has its share of blight and a scarcity of retail. Interesting. The drugstore chain apparently favors uniformity of appearance in its stores.

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