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A group from Jackson, Miss., took a look at Little Rock's downtown development recently and that visit produced a glowing report in Sunday's Clarion-Ledger.

Little Rock has a mayor, city manager, board of directors (city council) form of government. City manager Bruce Moore and Jay Chesir, executive director of the Little Rock Chamber Partnership, enlightened our group on the incredible partnership Downtown Little Rock has with its surrounding communities.

Believe it or not, all the communities surrounding Little Rock actually sign "no-compete contracts" with each other urging sister cities not to "steal each other's customers."

They further urged our group that all synergy-driven projects be located downtown and were speechless when told of the circumstances regarding the location of Jackson's National Civil Rights Museum. What most impressed our group was the clear vision, pride, passion and cooperation in the metropolitan Little Rock area.

Our traveling squad left incredibly encouraged by the accomplishments of Arkansas' Capital City.

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