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Once more with the tent



As I run across various versions of the Democrat-Gazette's followup to our story on Sen. Gilbert Baker's use of a UCA tent and UCA employees for a campaign fund-raiser at UCA trustee Michael Stanton's house, one simple question keeps emerging.

Believe, if you will, that the campaign really intended to pay for this before the Arkansas Times started asking questions. Believe, if you will, that UCA tent rentals are open to all at the same rates and staff is generously provided at the same rates. Believe, if you will, that an all-comers rental policy puts the veneer of ethical legality on this action. (But, please, first produce records of other outside tent rentals.)

The question: Why the hell if this was a straight deal didn't the candidate go to a private tent rental company and avoid the appearance of blatant impropriety?

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