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Obama doesn't love America



The unpatriotic label that Republicans are working to pin on Barack Obama is, naturally, parroted ceaselessly on its house organ, Fox News. A media watchdog site notes that Mike Huckabee is gleefully dishing the propaganda. He and Sean Hannity were discussing an interchange between Obama and a voter about why Obama is running for president.

Huckabee called the interchange a “very, very serious tactical error” on Obama’s part. Huckabee and Hannity agreed that it showed that Obama can’t speak without a script. ...

Huckabee went on to say that Obama gave the impression that “America is not that great a country right now...Obama needs to tell us what’s great about America.”


“He’s got to clarify that what he loves about America is the fact that he has broken a lot of barriers to be the nominee,” Huckabee chimed in. “I think America’s been pretty darned good to Barack Obama and he ought to acknowledge that.”

Here's the transcript.

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