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Family values, Missouri-style



Thanks, Chris, for this one.

A Republican stooge wonders why the attention here and not to, say, a Democratic philanderer. Well, here you have a towering hypocrite of a Republican lawmaker, married, who's shtupping a married state employee AND charged with sexually assaulting his mistress's 14-year-old daughter while mom watched. He's also an avowed family values champion. For example, he sponsored a bill to designate a week honoring "parent and family involvement in education." In 2006, he sponsored tougher sex offender laws. Of course he's orated about the sanctity of marriage. He's a registered foster parent!

Talk about education. Sex, against a 14-year-old's will, while her mother watched. And, of course, Muschany said he decided not to seek re-election this year so he could spend more time with his family. Not where he's going.

Gotta be today's Worst Person in the World.

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