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Do his constituents know?



.... that state Rep. Jon Woods, the Springdale Republican and scourge of immigrants, gays, women seeking abortions, etc., plays in a pop-punk rock band? A band that even a liberal Democrat of my acquaintance says is pretty good?

He's hitting national TV this week. I'd been trying to run the details down, but The Arkansas Project got the job done. MTV, 1 p.m. Sunday. And a Little Rock club date next weekend. Go, by all means. Just don't sign any anti-gay-adoption petitions.

Want to hear some tunes from "A Good Fight"? Here's their MySpace page.

Want some yuks? Remember when Woods was floating the idea that local Hispanic ganglords were earning a little extra money by doing wacks-for-hire around the country? Gang colors presumably will not be allowed at the coming Sticky Fingerz show.

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