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Clinton: Need more phys ed in schools


Bill Clinton was in town this morning for a talk about children's nutrition. The basic thrust: schools need to be doing more to encourage healthy habits.

Opining that schools should put as much focus on physical education as traditional academics, Clinton said, "We need to restore the simple idea that if we can develop our minds unless we develop our bodies." (See the clip in the video box below for a lesson in comparative history on this topic.)

Clinton also stated that more schools should grow gardens on campus and expressed hope that cafeterias would continue to improve their food offerings. He pointed out the pressing economic detriments of poor health -- states spend billions and billions a year on obesity related illnesses, he said, and he expressed fear that rising food prices might limit the number of healthy options in school cafeterias. He encouraged eligible parents to take advantage of food stamp programs: "This is a service to which they're entitled and there's no indignity in taking them."

The speech was a part of program honoring 43 schools across the U.S. for their efforts at improving child health. One Arkansas school, Forrest City Junior High, was recognized.

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