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Honorable mention Arkies



I happened on this interview by Harvard Political Review with former Okla. Gov. Frank Keating. Two Arkansas references noted:

HPR: So McCain won’t choose Mike Huckabee?

FK: I just think the glass ceiling that applied to him during the campaign will apply in the general election as well. Will a center-left, secular country embrace a vice presidential candidate on the right who is a Southern Baptist preacher, particularly when you consider that whoever the nominee of the Republican Party is, his vice president is expected to be the next presidential candidate? But if John chose Mike Huckabee, I’d be very enthusiastic because Mike’s a very dear friend.

Then on federal disaster handling:

Personnel is everything. James Lee Witt, who was President Clinton’s FEMA director, was the best FEMA director ever. He was highly competent and highly skilled, and he was a cabinet officer, which helped him make decisions and make things happen. There wasn’t that kind of leadership with Katrina.



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