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'Send help': The shale drillers cometh



Belinda, over at the Ninja Poodles blog on our community blog page, offers some striking up-close-and-personal photos and comment on what happens when a Chesapeake shale drilling operation comes to a residential neighborhood. Not pretty. Not quiet. Despite what the expensive PR campaign might have you believe.

Picture this same operation if you will in a wildlife refuge, where there are no neighbors with phones to complain, however vainly. The laying hens that had to be relocated from this site give you some idea of how much the animals like it. On the jump, Belinda passes along a cry of distress from her friends.


Boy, Belinda, if you want a story for your newspaper blog , you got one in my backyard!!!!!  If you even thought it was noisy before you have not experienced anything yet.  You should see and hear it now!!!   OMG it is nothing but a sea of semi's , stink and noise.  I called the rep from Chesapeake today and asked him where the screen was that he talked about and he told me that they do not have anything like that!!!!!!   Funny because on the Cheseapeke website it specifically tells folks that they in fact DO have and use sound barriers in residental areas.  Oh man they are driving me nuts already and it has not really started yet.  I am telling you you could have a great story about the respect or lack of on the part of Chesapeake  towards the residents and the land they are destroying.  I have all but given up on having any laying hens until all the poop is done in November.  We will have lights 24/7 and noise to go with it and absolutely NO help from Chesapeake.  They basically  lied to us when he was out here and told us they would do what ever they could to put a barrier between us and them.  I am so mad and there is just nothing I can do about it and I am so sick of all the lies with the advertising they put on TV.      If you are interested in a story ,  you know where to find it now!!!!

Unfortunately we do not have a movie camera just our digitals and they are not the best but I can get some pics for you if you like but I am sure that your cameras are much better.  I was also told by the area field representave  that they would put the mobile  homes facing the site on  the drive by our land to block the site view from us a little and they did not.  The mobiles are all the way across the lot by what is left of the trees over by the driveway.  It is non-stop semi's coming down the street and you cannot even get out of the driveway.  I had to wait for 7 semi's to pass at a higher rate of speed than should be driven for residential roads and finally got out in the road and stopped traffic so the lady who picked up one of the chickens could back out and leave.  They were supposed to put up speed limit signs for the road and as of yesterday they did not do it and the Chesapeake rep knows it .  ...

You will not believe this. They pulled in this behemoth generator (suppose  to run the lights, I guess)  they cranked that baby up and it is shaking the whole house, and we can not hear to talk to each other now and the TV is up so loud I cannot stand it!!!!  OMG how in this world do they think we are supposed to sleep through this and carry on?  I am in tears right now, and my chickens are so frightened that when they started them up they got so scared that they were flipping out and flying into the wire hitting themselves trying to get away from it and I cannot make them stop.  I am afraid that they are going to kill themselves .   You will not believe this ---- it is shaking everything in my house and the dogs are also going nuts.

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