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But, wait. Let's fight.



I was going to give up the ghost tonight. But driving home, I heard Wally Hall commenting on KARN about the new Razorback football media guide, which, the talkers said, omitted War Memorial Stadium from the list of Hog athletic facilities, though some minor venues, such as a golf center, were included.

Wally detected a furtherance of the conspiracy to move all Razorback games to Fayetteville.

Makes sense. (Though I should add that I doubt this is in Jeff Long's first-year plans at UA.)

Sorry fellow Little Rockers. War Memorial, with its golf course tailgating and the bowl's acoustics and the more diverse crowd, has always been a better football setting to my way of thinking. But it makes no sense in terms of dollars, the only barometer in sports any more. They can sell thousands more seats -- regular seats and the super-pricey premium seats -- in Fayetteville. There's no cost to travel to the games or bring the band. And, small point, Fayetteville is where our young scholar-athletes occasionally attend class. That's why they call them home games.

I have no idea what the future holds. I'd prefer they play some games in Little Rock, particularly LSU. But, rationally, I can't argue with a move to Fayetteville. The statewide university argument doesn't fly as it once did. In terms of political control, it's Northwest Arkansas's university now.

Anybody care to disagree? Or agree?

UPDATE: Contrary to what was being batted around on KARN for a time this afternoon (and it might have been corrected after my drive time ended), reader Arky says the media guide DOES include War Memorial. That's neither here nor there, of course, for the underlying argument, which I still think weighs in favor of Frank Broyles' old dream of moving all the games to F'ville.

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