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Energy counter-programming


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A reader from Damascus, in the heart of the Fayetteville shale zone, notes that there are other messages floating about meeting U.S. energy needs, even if they aren't supported by multi-million-dollar TV buys and new websites streaming gas drilling PR in faux news form, a la Chesapeake Energy.

He invites all to Conway this Saturday for a meeting of Faulkner County Supporters of Sustainable Communities. It's at 11 a.m. at Michaelangelo's, 1117 Oak St.  James Burke will talk about clean, non-fossil fuel energy options.

SPEAKING OF COUNTER PROGRAMMING: I got a note encouraging us to take a deeper look at environmental impact of the shale exploration from a trusted acquaintance. A portion is on the jump.


I just had a visit with a real estate broker here in Conway that I have used and he started telling horror stories about the impact of the drilling in the Fayetteville shale area.  He lives in the middle of it.  He showed me two jars of water that came out of his well for weeks after they started drilling --- one jar with the water as pulled from the well and a second after going through $10,000 of filtration equipment he had to install.  For a while he was having to haul water in and he has severe back problems.  He was telling stories about the damages to the roads.  He said so much water has been stolen by subcontractors from one water system that they are unsure they will have enough to serve their customers.  And on and on and on.  He even said a group of them had gone to Texas at one point to look at a "mature" gas field.  He said residents in that area said there had been some people in the area make some money but that, on balance, they wish it had never happened.


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