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Same old traffic song



The Iconoclast laments the Jurassic-age mindset of the Northwest Arkansas Good Suit Club, which generally runs government in that part of the world. No one doubts the prosperous region needs transportation infrastructure improvements. No one doubts that this should include highway improvements.

But must the ONLY goal of a new regional "mobility" authority be a billion dollars worth of highway work? Some citizens up there would like to talk about options -- mass transit, rail, integration with bike lanes, etc. Hell, who knows? Some pointy headed developer might propose residential developments from which people actually WALK to work and school.

No, the suits must build highways. It is their eternal imperative, even if it puts jillions of SUVs on fuel-gobbling commutes between strangled core cities and far-flung suburbs. This in turn, brings the need for still wider freeways, pressure on other public services and inevitable school fallout.

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