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Huckabee: Poorly timed endorsement



John Fund in the Wall Street Journal isn't too impressed by Mike Huckabee's decision to endorse star boodler U.S. Rep. Don Young in what looks like a losing race for re-election in Alaska. Not exactly vice presidential judgment.

Mr. Huckabee lauds Rep. Young, an original backer of the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere," as one of the few in Congress "who fully recognized the direct link between infrastructure and job creation and economic development." In other words, Mr. Huckabee considers money hijacked from taxpayers and used to fund Congressional earmarks to be an engine of economic growth.

... Meanwhile, in linking up with Mr. Huckabee, Mr. Young has only underlined what kind of "conservative" he is. Mr. Young is a classic big-government conservative whose appetite for more infrastructure projects became so large that just this spring he proposed a $1 per-gallon tax increase on gasoline. Talk about bad timing.


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