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It's open. But the growing problems in Afghanistan, where nine U.S. troops died today, are on my mind. Afghanistan, remember it? That's what the war was supposed to be about until Bush took us into Iraq on false pretenses.

And, of course, there's the implosion of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and a debt-ridden government piling on more debt to rescue them.\

Hillary Clinton shucks the corn on this sorry administration:

"Our president goes to Japan four months before the election that will finally show him the door and says he's going to take global warming seriously," Clinton said. "Then as he's leaving the G-8 conference, says to people around him, 'Goodbye from the biggest polluter world in the world.' You've got to ask yourself, how did this happen to our country?"

Clinton said the last eight years had many "highlights."

"A vice-president who shoots somebody in the face, you couldn't make that up," Clinton said to laughter.

She added, "the Republicans should hold a press conference and apologize to the country and say they're just not going to run anyone for president."


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