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Says here that Dan Coody will seek a third term as mayor of Fayetteville.

Iconoclast: How about a quick analysis?

On the jump, the Fayetteville Trucker has thoughts.

Coody's $60 million overrun on sewer plant, silencing the Community Access and Fayetteville Government Channel...budget cuts - no fireworks on 4th of July... he is running for re-election since as a contractor he has no work to do...he got Steve Clark in the race... so now Dan is counting on a run off... look for Steve Clark to back out 1) no traction and 2) no one up here cares or few actually remember him as the attorney general and governor-in-waiting for Bill Clinton to exit the Arkansas State House...The Police and Fire fighters won't fall for Coody this time around... and No. 1 reason he won't get re-elected - they big gaping hole in the ground across from the Federal Courthouse where Jon Nock and Richard Alexander with TIF funding have left an eyesore on Fayetteville. Whew.

-- The Fayetteville Trucker...

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