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Country clubbing: No girls allowed



This amusing little story should have at least a touch of resonance among those admitted to, or familiar with, the inner sanctum of the Country Club of Little Rock known as the men's grill. (Many country clubs have these, but please note MCPs that Arnie Palmer opened the men's grill of Latrobe Country Club to women 17 years ago so his wife Winnie could join him for lunch.)

The prestigious Phoenix Country Club has segregated facilities -- the male accommodations much nicer than those for women, naturally. And when women proposed to be able to do a deal over drinks or have a meal in the men's grill there, the men got really pissy about it -- literally in the case of men who urinated on one complaining woman's yard. They've also hectored a 72-year-old lady and generally shown their backsides.

This rises to the New York Times' attention because some fearless women have made a legal issue of it. The Arizona attorney general has advised the club that it can't discriminate, even though it's a private club, because under the law it's a public accommodation given the number of outside events -- Rotary club banquets, etc. -- held there. The club -- welcome back 1950s -- is fighting back with a separate-but-equal ploy, an upgrade of women's facilities.

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