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Letter to the blog editor: Conway jobs



Stephens Media columnist David Sanders offers some comments on yesterday's Conway job announcements and promises more discussion on Arkansas Week tonight at 8 p.m. on AETN.

I read some coverage from New Mexico last night and they are calling these "call center jobs"  This line that these jobs are economically transformative is simply over the top and an example of the local press repeating whatever the Beebe administration says.  This is Southwest Airlines [a call center announced with great fanfare during the Tucker administration that has since been shut down] all over again, but with a little shine because they are computer jobs.

You'd think Arkansas just sent a man to Mars.  The Arkansas press has no sense of proportionality.  We are paying more than $10,000 a job [actually, perhaps four times that or more]. This is crazy. If we are going to pay for jobs, at least go get those companies that will bring their suppliers with them.

David J. Sanders

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