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Conway's big day



Brummett anticipates today's announcement of a big Hewlett-Packard facility in Conway.

In the course of the column, he makes a couple of passing statements that are provocative, even if true.

1) Conway, he writes, is attractive for being so close to the good of Little Rock and so far from the "bad." You know what that means, of course. Is it really fair  to repeat this hoary bit of conventional wisdom as if gospel? If so, how do you explain that, to date, far more people, including the column writer, have apparently found that the "good" of Little Rock outweighs the "bad" of Conway as a place of residence. No offense intended, but I'd rather live in Little Rock.

While we're being provocative: based on some cockamamie things that have happened over the years in Conway schools -- abstinence-only sex ed, random drug testing (recently stopped), worse budgetary practices even than LR -- I'm also not ready to fully accept the conventional wisdom about schools. They have fine schools in Conway. They also have fine schools in Little Rock. (Preferred commenters: Dissenters to this premise whose kids have actually attended LR schools and have some idea what they are talking about.)

2) Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker will win re-election with 60 percent of the vote, says John. Any Democrats care to comment?

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