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Common sense: A Thomas Paine Day



Remember the 2007 legislative session, when religious nuts beat a resolution to establish a Thomas Paine Day in Arkansas? Paine wasn't sufficiently religious for the honor, said the theocrats.

The overnight mail reveals a small campaign is underway again for a Thomas Paine Day. Spread the alarm to every village and farm.


2008 June 16

Dear Special Supporter of Thomas Paine,

You are a very special, rare individual who appreciates Thomas Paine and acknowledges the better world we have due to his efforts and accomplishments. Improvements still need to be made and our world is in serious trouble again with the continuation of wars threatening our very existence.

I think Thomas Paine can help us again. How?

By getting Paine’s history known to the citizenry it may very well place a hero’s image (Paine’s) into the mind of a youngster who will pursue a life creating rational and moral solutions for durable peace. (I recommend reading, “The Mainspring of Human Progress” by Weaver.)

Remember, it takes but one person with the right ideas to change the course of history. So with Thomas Paine as a prime (extra ordinary) example of one man making a big difference, lets get Paine’s story widely told throughout the state.

Please mail the enclosed post cards, to a friend, relative, acquaintance or influential citizen in the state. The politicians need to hear from their constituents, so mail the cards to the constituents. Representative Lindsley Smith said the people in Washington County have responded well, so we need to direct the cards to other counties. The Bill last year failed by only 5 votes. Lindsley thinks if we reach outside Washington County this year it could pass.

I will be glad to do a mailing for you if you will send me a list to mail to. - That will save you the effort and the cost of postage. Your list will not be given out to anyone else. Also with your permission (kindly advise) I will add your name to the card with a message like, “Approved by Joan Doe”. For questions you might have, contact me (Jack): (479) 444-8149 or e-mail: - Put “Paine” in the Subject.


       Jack Makens

PS -- Why did I say on my post card, “On July 4th give Thomas Paine Credit”? Because there was no agreement to separate the Americans from Monarchy until Paine made a persuasive argument in “Common Sense”, January 10, 1776. George Washington agreed saying, “The sound doctrines contained in the pamphlet Common Sense, (published nearly 6 months before July 4th) will not leave members at a loss to decide upon the propriety of separation.”

Then as if Paine had not done enough, consider the strong evidence that he wrote the Declaration of Independence (“Thomas Paine - Author of the Declaration of Independence” a book by Joseph Lewis, 1954). Or from Moncure D. Conway (1832-1907) his two volume book, “The Life of Thomas Paine”; “The Declaration of Independence embodied every principle he (Paine) had been asserting, and indeed Cobbett is correct in saying that whoever may have written the Declaration, Paine was its author.” Cobbett is William Cobbett (1763-1835)
Itis time to give Thomas Paine recognition & appreciation this July 4th!

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