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McCain and the female vote



John McCain has been cozying up to Clinton female voters, but Frank Rich writes 1) that his record should drive away the semi-sentient and 2) there's ample evidence already that it's not working. He also argues that the real division is not among Democrats but among Republicans, not overwhelmingly happy with their candidate. But as for women and the media story line about their supposed division:

You’d never guess that Mr. McCain is a fierce foe of abortion rights or that he voted to terminate the federal family-planning program that provides breast-cancer screenings. You’d never know that his new campaign blogger, recruited from The Weekly Standard, had shown his genuine affection for Mrs. Clinton earlier this year by portraying her as a liar and whiner and by piling on with a locker-room jeer after she’d been called a monster. “Tell us something we don’t know,” he wrote.

But while the McCain campaign apparently believes that women are easy marks for its latent feminist cross-dressing, a reality check suggests that most women can instantly identify any man who’s hitting on them for selfish ends. New polls show Mr. Obama opening up a huge lead among female voters — beating Mr. McCain by 13 percentage points in the Gallup and Rasmussen polls and by 19 points in the latest Wall Street Journal-NBC News survey.

Also today, Brummett reviews the litany of reaons why Clinton lost.

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