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My feminist soapbox



I"ve enjoyed watching the NCAA track and field championships this afternoon. CBS did a nice tribute to retiring Hog coach John McDonnell. The Razorbacks weren't in contention for the title this year.

The LSU Tigers won the women's championship. CBS insisted on calling them the LSU Tigers. Not the Lady Tigers, though I gather that LSU, like Arkansas, gives qualified status to its women's teams by referring to them as Lady Tigers. The men are not Gentlemen Tigers, just as our male Hogs are not the Gentlemen 'Backs.

I happen to think the Lady 'Back nomenclature is demeaning. Only men are entitled to be pure Razorbacks. The women play girlie sports. I suspect I'm in a tiny minority on the issue, but that's not unusual.

I guess I should be happy our women athletes aren't called sows and the Lady Techsters at La. Tech, where the men are known as Bulldogs and win a lot fewer basketball games than the women, aren't called, well, you know.

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