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Sen. Crumbly retains seat



The Arkansas Senate voted 19-12 today to affirm a committee's recommendation not to overturn the results of Sen. Jack Crumbly's 2006 election. Arnell Willis had challenged the outcome.

The committee had voted 4-3 to recommend that Crumbly, of Widener, keep his seat despite allegations of fraud. Senate debate was vigorous. In the end, it was not a Brotherhood-v.-Otherhood decision. Patterns: Black members of the Senate voted not to oust Crumbly, who is black, as is his opponent Willis. All but one of the Senate Republicans present, the exception being Gilbert Baker, voted to overturn the results. Point worth noting: It is not clear whether the irregularities noted in this election arose strictly from the Senate race. A number of other important local contests were on the ballot then.

For (19): Argue, Baker, Bookout, Broadway, Brown, Bryles, Critcher, Faris, Horn, Jimmy Jeffress, Johnson, Laverty, Luker, Madison, Malone, Smith, Steele, Wilkins, Wilkinson.

Against (12): Bisbee, Capps, Glover, Hendren, Miller, Pritchard, Salmon, Taylor, Thompson, Trusty, Whitaker, Womack.

Abstained (1): Crumbly.

Absent (3): Altes, Hill, Gene Jeffress.

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