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'Swingtown:' Too sexy for TV?



I knew nothing about "Swingtown," which Wikipedia tells me is a CBS TV series about the supposedly sexually liberating 1970s, until I started receiving a fearsome Astroturf campaign against the show. (By Astroturf, I mean a faux grassroots campaign of  mass-produced identical letters generated by a Right Wing factory, probably Donald Wildmon's American Family Association.)

For example:

Dear Arkansas Times:

I am offended by the content of the CBS program "Swingtown."  The offensive content clearly violates our local community standards and does not reflect your license obligation "to serve the public interest."

I urge you to refuse to air future episodes of "Swingtown."

I also ask you to place a copy of my complaint in your files according to FCC regulations.


Wayne & Betty Smith


If it's as bad as the letter writers suggest, I guess I better check it out. Since they've sent a letter for inclusion in the Times' permanent record, I thought the least I could do was post a sample clip to justify it.

Readers? Your reviews?

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