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Hog on the high school




Students at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville will get to help pay for the school's $50 million acquisition of the Fayetteville High School property (if the school district accepts the offer). The University board voted today to make the offer on the 40-acre campus.

“While we realize the burden this cost will place on the current student body, we strongly believe the purchase of the high school is in the long-term best interests of the university and future generations of students,” said B. Alan Sugg, president of the University of Arkansas System. “We think a price of $50 million is reasonable given the scope and age of the facilities.”

Sugg went on to say that another $11 million will be needed to upgrade the high school. It will likely add $10 to every semester hour over the next  four years.

The Fayetteville School District has said it wants $59 million for the campus, which adjoins the university campus. It's out to the burbs for the high school students. A significant number of people favored keeping the campus at its current central location and improving it.

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