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Clinton Library 'greeters'



Got a note last night about the intent of members of the local cycling community to start a "meet and greet" campaign with Clinton Library visitors to inform them of the unfulfilled promise to convert the old Rock Island railroad bridge (shown beyond reflecting pool) to a pedestrian/bike span.

Read on.


Today a handful of available supporters of the movement took time away from work and met to begin plans for regular Meet and Greets with visitors to the Clinton Library.

            The goals are
1)       To support The Foundation’s establishment of a reasonable time line to convert the Rock Island Bridge
2)       To support The Foundation’s active pursuit of funding for the bridge
3)       To espouse The Foundation through non-intrusive public and private lobbying and demonstrations (Meet and Greets)
Although was a Gene Pfeifer initiative, the Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas (BACA) and a growing list of other recreational users support his efforts because we believe the completion of the bridge will be a benefit for all recreational users, an avenue of alternative transportation more appealing than the current options, and an excellent addition to the Junction and Big Dam Bridges.
The promise to convert the Rock Island Bridge was an initial plan in 2001.
We believe the primary lease agreement requires the city of Little Rock and The Foundation to enter into a separate lease agreement for the conversion of the Rock Island Bridge.
BACA will continue to add to the coalition of recreational users already in agreement with these goals and hold regular Meet and Greets until the Rock Island Bridge is converted.  We look forward to all users coming together to help The Clinton Foundation appreciate the benefits that immediate and expeditious conversion of the Rock Island bridge as part of an integral part of the River Trail network, will bring to the community.
Ron Rizzardi
Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas

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