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The AP is bulldogging the story it created about the enrollment of students without citizenship or student visa papers in Arkansas colleges at in-state tuition rates. Lots of different practices around the various campuses.

Here's the deal. Colleges asked applicants for Social Seucrity numbers. They didn't check the legitimacy of those supplied and many didn't ask questions when none were offered because the law didn't require them to do so. But now, thanks to Mike Beebe's instant cave on this issue, it has become a big deal. 

We still don't know if colleges will attempt to verify all S.S. numbers offered (nor do any seem to care that the verification system is notoriously inaccurate). What we do know is that long-time residents of Arkansas, graduates of Arkansas high schools  -- high-achieving motivated students  --will no longer apply for admission to Arkansas colleges because they can't afford to pay out-of-state tuition. If you think that's a good outcome, you are a heartless so-and-so.

But one small point. The AP article to which I've linked raises an utterly nonsensical point, courtesy of the head of ASU, based on no evidence. It is that the colleges have somehow decided to admit illegals to boost enrollment and state aid. Stupid. They've admitted illegals because they admitted Arkansas high school graduates who wanted a college education. If dollars followed, well, good.

This article also introduces you to the chancellor of the UA's Fort Smith campus, who reportedly has long been vigorously checking immigration status of students there, though he was not required to do so.

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