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Equal time for the senator



Earlier today, I mentioned Sen. Tracy Steele's legislation that gave Arkansas an early presidential primary. I'm afraid it might elevate my status in the "Tracy-haters."

A correspondent called my attention to Steele's regular column in the current edition of Stand News, a newspaper he founded and publishes to reach African-Americans. In it, he said his business plan had a "hater clause," so it could respond effectively to "unwarranted attacks on our business or as individuals."

His first complaint was with a recent Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article about his failure to disclose the business his newspaper receives in state advertising. Other legislators were mentioned, he said, "but I seemed the star of the show." He said he did not sell the ads himself. Then:

"There was also mention from my friend Max Brantley who is the senior vice president of the Tracy-haters, writing that it was a bad week for me because of the recent press. The only problem with that is according to Max, I have never had a good week.

"Not when I spent five years working on the Little Rock Nine monument, finally organizing a ceremony that brought all nine home to unveil their statues. Not when I worked with a Republican governor, who I did not always have the best relationship with, yet championed the Clean Indoor Air Act so Arkansans across the state could go to restaurants and other facilities and not have to breathe secondhand smoke. Not even when I worked in the Senate with only four African-Americans out of 35 to be the first African-American elected to be the majority leader.

"It amazes me that people think they know whether you have a good week or not. .... "

Eye of the beholder and all that.


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