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I mentioned this morning that the Joe White-Gilbert Baker race for state Senate in Conway could be the most expensive ever, in the $500,000 range.

I just got a tip that the number will be much, much higher. The deadline has just passed for making maximum $2,000 contributions for both the primary and general election. Neither candidate had primary opposition and can carry over primary money to the fall.  There will be other big money-raisers to come. Talk of Bill Clinton coming in. Karl Rove has already assisted Baker. Etc.

Through a report filed May 15, White reported raising $210,000 and having more than $157,000 on hand. (I'm not sure if these reports reflect the last days of two-fisted contributions or not.)

Through May 14, Baker had raised $259,000 and had about $195,000 on hand.

So you can probably make this a million-dollar race for a job paying, what, $14,000 a year?

Something tells me it will be all state Senate commercials all the time on Conway cable. I presume Baker's local access TV show will go dark, if it hasn't already, for the duration.

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