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Flex-time for state employees?



A legislative committee Friday discussed four-day work week for state employees to ease the cost of long commutes. (One legislator mentioned a state worker who commutes 180 miles roundtrip to Warren daily.)

The state take formal steps to encourage people to commute ridiculously long distances to work?

N. U. T. S.

Also nuts, the state's mad desire -- discussed in D-G article today -- to build parking right outside the door of state buildings for every single state employee. If there must be parking for every single employee on the Capitol grounds -- so no one ever considers carpooling or buses or bikes or walking from a home nearby -- at least use the acreage on the hills west of the Capitol and provide a shuttle. This seems to work well at UAMS.

You'd think state government operates with the convenience of commuters from distant counties in mind. Come to think of it .... Road widening to Saline County and beyond, etc.  Forget the deleterious impact on capital city quality of life and the expense. Think instead of how all these actions serve to enable a petroleum-addicted lifestyle.

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