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Oh, woe is us



More on the low political state of the Republican Party, with party leaders talking about the need for candidates to distance themselves from Bush. But boilerplate like the following doesn't bode well for Democrats:

Republican leaders said they were looking to Senator John McCain of Arizona, the likely Republican nominee, as a model whose independent reputation appears to allow him to rise above party in a year when the Republican label seems tarnished.

As even casual readers know, the myth of McCain independence has long been exposed. He's been an enabler for Bush, particularly on the war, and fallen meekly in line on beloved Republican issues throughout the primary season to pander to the base. But if national media continue to depict him as a different sort of politician, many voters will assume it to be so.

UPDATE: Headline of the day. McCain is now willing to set a withdrawal deadline for Iraq. 2013. Five years from now.

Also, here are 10 issues worth probing on McCain.

Also, a potential 70-seat House deficit for GOP after elections?

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